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Heathrow bids farewell to Terminal 1

- Thursday, July 02, 2015
In 1994 Merson Signs completed the signage package for the new Flight Connections Centre at Heathrow T1, and this was to be the first of many signage projects delivered at this iconic terminal. Stuart Dodds, Southern Operations Director for Merson Signs shares his experience of what became many rewarding years of delivering literally thousands of signs at T1…….

Overseas business has taken me out of the country each month in 2015. My flights have all left from Heathrow's Terminal 1, which, for me has been particularly memorable and enjoyable.

Opening in 1968, Terminal 1 was at the time was the largest short- haul terminal in Western Europe. On the 30th June this year it closed it’s doors ready for the planned demolition, this allowing for the second stage of Terminal 2’s expansion. The final flight to ever depart from Terminal 1 was British Airways to Hannover Germany, on the 29th June.

It's fair to say that Merson Signs well established expertise in the Airport sector started with projects in Terminal 1. In 1994 we completed the signage package for the new Flight Connections Centre, which had its hub in T1. We then went on to deliver the signage connected with the new Landside arrivals hall.

Over the following years we completed numerous wayfinding design related projects and manufactured and installed literally thousands of signs for the terminal.

Here are just a few of the T1 projects:

• The first multi-storey car park that we refurbished was at Terminal 1 and since then we've gone on to do a further twelve - some at Heathrow and at other airports throughout the UK.

• The first LED sign we ever made for an airport was installed in Terminal 1 over ten years ago and its still there today.

• We fitted the wayfinding for the new immigration hall (twice!) along with the opening of Zone K check in, Pier 3 refurbishment, Pier 4 refurbishment, T1 international departure lounge extension… the list goes on………

These are mostly all fairly historic projects, but more recently we installed the latest flight information monolith products into T1’s arrival hall. The team at Heathrow continued to ensure excellent quality products and passenger experiences even with the knowledge that the monoliths would last much longer than the terminal itself!


All of us at Merson are very grateful for the wealth of experience that working on T1 has given us. It provided a steppingstone for work all over the world, from the Middle East to Europe to South America and it’s important to us to remember where it all started.

Goodbye Terminal 1 and many thanks!