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Merson Group Announces Partnership with Toppan

Gavin McMurray - Thursday, February 25, 2016

This month Merson Group announced an exclusive new partnership with Japanese manufacturer Toppan to become the sole UK distributor for Fortina – an exciting range of design-led cladding products.

Fortina is a stunning new architectural cladding and interiors system that achieves the aesthetic of real wood using aluminum and a hyper-realistic non-PVC surface. The collection comes in a wide range of finishes that are indistinguishable from wood whilst offering a number of additional benefits. It is more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and easier to maintain than its counterpart, making it a perfect material for both internal and external retail environments.

Toppan is now widely regarded as a leading supplier of environmentally friendly products, Fortina being one of them. UK businesses are well aware of the fact that sustainability is no longer a niche concern; it is a principle which informs all aspects of their work. Sustainability accreditation is vital to any business and Fortina is fully compliant with Merson Group’s ISO-14001 certification.

Fortina enhances any commercial space and has proven to be popular choice for the retail and hospitality sectors in Europe, the US and Japan. Merson Group has exclusive rights for Toppan products in the UK and Fortina is the first of a number of ranges which Merson Group will offer.

Roddy Angus, CEO of Merson Group, said of this new venture:

“It was clear from our early discussions with Toppan that this could be an excellent partnership. We are delighted to have Fortina as part of Merson Group’s Building Environments offer and look forward to introducing it to our clients, who I’m sure will be as enthused as we are by its unique look and feel.”

Fortina complements Merson’s existing range of Woodtex extrusions and offers a wider selection of decorative finishes, some of which are particularly suited to design-led building interiors. New finishes are constantly being added to the range to reflect current design trends.

A forthcoming article on the Merson Group blog will show how Fortina has been used to enhance various environments. Similarly, the Merson Group stand at the imminent Retail Design Expo will be constructed using Fortina, a tangible demonstration of how this is a core element of Merson Group’s new ‘Building Environments’ proposition. We would be delighted to welcome you to the stand where you can see both in action.