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The opening ceremony - Baku Games 2015

- Tuesday, June 16, 2015
As the count down clock reached zero on Friday the opening ceremony of the Baku 2015 European Games commenced. The Merson Baku team were all fortunate enough to get tickets for what was a truly spectacular event!

The lead up to the ceremony was certainly as busy as we had anticipated, and included the installation of 14m gantries and 5m x 3m portal signs at the stadium. Whilst these structures were going in, many additional signs were being requested by the venues and 88 free standing signs were being installed too - all of this to happen ahead of the opening ceremony dress rehearsal. It was never in doubt that the team would pull it off, and with 12 hours to go we completed the full installation of the entire package. For me, the opening ceremony was the pinnacle of the entire project, highlighting 8 months of effort, from that very first trip to Baku to it all coming together.


The city is looking great, the atmosphere is fantastic as is the weather, and I have no doubt that the games will be a tremendous success.


It’s been hard work, but our team has really enjoyed working in Baku to deliver this fantastic signage package. Now most of them are asking where the next project will take them…. they’ll just have to wait and see!