Southeastern appointed Merson-ASG to complete the construction design, manufacture and installation of new wayfinding and free-standing monolith signage for St Pancras, Ebbsfleet and Stratford International stations as part of the new High Speed 1 service.

Merson-ASG worked closely with Southeastern and Transport Design Consultancy, who completed all of the wayfinding planning and artworking and contributed greatly to the aesthetic appearance of all signage elements.

According to Southeastern - "The prototype monolith manufactured by Merson-ASG and subsequently installed on site for evaluation achieved everything we were looking for in the design brief and will help us provide a very cohesive wayfinding and customer information scheme."

On top of the already exacting requirements the design team consulted with English Heritage to ensure that the design of the monolith signs is appropriate for use at the Grade I listed St Pancras International Station.

Among the monolith sign variants are network map signs, customer information screen signs and location signs. Robust steel frames, stainless steel faces and end claddings ensure these signs will live up to the rigours of the rail station environment. Transport Design was particularly impressed with the engineering involved in the sign construction adding that they already had a number of other possible applications in mind.

Services provided

    • Technical Design
    • Prototyping
    • Manufacture
    • Installation
    • Programme Management