Merson-ASG have been working with Volvo since the early 90s and we are very fortunate to be their sole supplier of signage in the UK. The three key values of the Volvo brand are Safety, Quality and Sustainability. As with any branded environment their dealerships are a valuable way of communicating these principles and Merson is proud to be a consistent part of that.

As a result of their pioneering focus on sustainability and environmental awareness Volvo were also instrumental in our accreditation with ISO-14001, an environmental standard which is now considered to be a principle management system across the UK. This accreditation is represented in all of Merson Group’s environmental management strategies, waste management schemes and legal compliance.

Merson-ASG regularly collaborate with design and architectural practice Meda on Volvo projects, bringing their designs to reality. Meda has significant experience in designing retail spaces for the automotive sector. In the case of Volvo Meda is responsible for the aesthetic design of signage and overall look, feel and experience of each dealership. In turn we work to achieve their aesthetic aspirations and are also responsible for some elements of the construction and technical design of the product. This stage involves value-engineering and ensuring that all signage components can be dismantled and recycled at the end of their life back at the Merson manufacturing facility, fulfilling a longstanding agreement with Volvo.

Recent projects with Volvo and Meda have resulted in an eye-catching family of signs which is an iconic part of the Volvo brand. Merson-ASG focus on external signage, comprising:

  • The ‘Volvo Monolith’ – wayfinding and information totem signs
  • The ‘Blue Shield’
  • Illuminated building signage
  • External signage

Services provided

    • Technical Design
    • Prototyping
    • Manufacture
    • Installation