British Land

In a continuation of our previous successes providing signage packages for retail parks, Merson-ASG worked with Portland Design to devise the technical design and construction methods required for a unique family of signage for property developers British Land.

Initially the signage’s organic shape and other client-specified requirements were difficult to achieve. It was only by working with Portland and a GRP supplier that we were able to reach effective solutions. As well as developing the sign’s appearance and features we also engineered cost-effectiveness and simplicity into the construction design to ease our manufacture and installation phases.

The signs’ bodies are comprised of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) - these moulds arrived at our factory in component form, allowing us to develop and manufacture a steel support frame tailor-made to the sign’s shape that could be installed swiftly without the need for any additional GRP moulding to be carried out. The steelwork is engineered to be as lightweight as possible.

The sign’s face panels are polycarbonate and held in place by a custom-designed gasket which provides an extremely secure fitting but yet still easily allows for face panels to be interchanged should the need arise.

For ease of installation for some of the larger signs the structure was designed to accommodate a central pole running vertically up the sign’s internals with a protruding ring on top. This was used onsite during installation to easily crane the totems into place; once secured, this pole could then be removed and re-used in the installation of the next sign.

All these combined innovative features led to a cost-effective design well-suited to high volume manufacture and installation.

Services provided

    • Technical Design
    • Prototyping
    • Manufacture
    • Installation
    • Programme Management