London Heathrow Border Monoliths

As part of our ongoing Framework Contract with Heathrow Airport, Merson were commissioned by the UK Border Force and Mace in Summer 2017 to design, manufacture and install three bespoke monoliths to the immigration area of Terminal 5.

Border Force is responsible, on behalf of the Home Office, for passport control checks at all UK airports. Passenger flow in this area of the airport is very important; immigration queues are continuously measured by an independent team as part of the ongoing passenger service monitoring programme. The monoliths were intended to facilitate passenger flow through the busy immigration hall, with the aim of improving passenger experience.

Our construction design of the monoliths incorporated the FID screens which were provided by others, before being approved by Heathrow and the UK Border Force. The monoliths were fabricated from toughened glass, with LED illumination and integrated FID screens. They were then mounted onto a steel base plate.

Installation of the monoliths took place over six night shifts. Coordination between Merson’s operatives and other trades on-site was vital due to the prior groundworks, required electrical connections and logistics, all of which needed to be carried out by other contractors. Installation of each monolith took two night shifts; one night for logistics and one night for installation.

Services provided

    • Technical Design
    • Prototyping
    • Manufacture
    • Installation
    • Project Management